Naveed Najmuddin

Running for Ward 5 Councillor, Kitchener

Trustworthy- Accessible - Responsible
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My vision is to reduce property taxes, lower utility bills, reduce crime, build affordable homes, and make Kitchener an excellent place to live.Stress-free with a safe and healthy environment, to have an accessible health care system improvement, such as reducing minimum waiting time for doctor's appointments, environmental awareness developing parks and pond areas, planting trees, and justifying fiscal commitments to ensure that our hard-earned tax dollars are spent wisely.My intention is to step forward and work for community growth while keeping the peace.Please vote for me as our community deserves the most qualified candidate. I am confident of my ability to make a positive impact and prove that you have made the right choice by giving me a chance..

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I've been in Kitchener for 16 years and currently have a real estate REMIC license to manage fiscal dealings. I also hold an engineering bachelor’s degree with experience in project management, trained in six-sigma to measure, analyze, improve & control processes.
Accountability, accessibility, and trustworthiness are the cornerstone of success in my personal life. who responsibly finishes tasks on time with a good understanding of obtaining objective-oriented results. I'm running for the city councillor election for ward 5 to build safe and healthy vibrant communities.

My Vision for Kitchener

Environmental Awareness

-Address environmental issues such as pollution by running campaigns for garbage recycling awareness.-Ensure schools and parks have enough garbage/recycling bins.-Ensure neighbourhood areas such as ponds/parks are safe to visit for families and kids.-Snow plowing occurs in internal zoned areas to access roads effortlessly.

Infrastructure Enhancement

-Introduce modern Infrastructure to reduce the bottleneck of traffic jams, and improve day-to-day
driving experiences, and reduce potholes.
-Focus on Infrastructure to create an advanced digital city.-Kitchener is a major economic hub which needs to develop infrastructure to facilitate the flow
of traffic.

Fiscal Commitments

-Competency to identify and evaluate financial matters while addressing the usage of taxpayer’s
money and reducing the overhead costs of the Kitchener residents.
-Create productive investment methods to generate revenue that brings long-term security and
peace of mind in the community.

Accessible Health care system & Community Safety

-Escalate ongoing community issues to proper authorities, improve the health care system, and reduce
waiting time for surgeries, improve walk-in clinics systematically.
-Develop programs that incentivize trained nurses and doctors to continue their practices in our
-Developing beautiful city-zonings by planting more trees and introducing advanced-infrastructure such as sports centers that promote healthy lifestyles.-Install CCTV cameras, increase police surveillance in high-crime areas, and improve technology
to identify suspicious activities for safer neighbourhoods.

Affordable Housing

-The cost of housing and rent in this city has become unaffordable for our own citizens.-My vision is to live in a city with affordable housing by building more houses to accommodate families of
all sizes.
-Simplify the transitional process from renting accommodation to owning a property.-Homebuilders must construct more intelligent, reasonably priced homes that are centred on the
needs and preferences of families

Diversity Community Events

-Attract diversity in the community by introducing more multicultural restaurants.-Create and host events that promote community inclusion and family networking.-Opportunities for youth to receive mentoring and guidance while transitioning into the
-Increased mental health awareness by creating programs that provide guidance and effective